Kim Kardashian NOT Pregnant Or Getting Divorced, Despite New Report (EXCLUSIVE)

Kim Kardashian Pregnant 2014

(Life & Style)

Kim Kardashian is pregnant and has been dumped by Kanye West, according to the new Life & Style cover.

According to the tabloid, which falsely claimed last month that the reality TV star was expecting a second baby, she and West are getting ready for both another child and a divorce.

“Kim is hesitant to admit to anything until three months in, but she’s dropping hints,” a so-called “friend” says of the alleged pregnancy. “At the same time, she and Kanye are arguing a lot about their future.”

A Life & Style “insider” explains, “Things haven’t been good with them since their honeymoon.”

Buried in the middle of this latest nonsense from an outlet that doesn’t know what’s going on with Kardashian is a key passage:

“The situation’s gotten so bad that insiders say a divorce is inevitable. But it isn’t easy for Kim to just walk away — not with a second child on the way.”

And that is how Life & Style tries to get away with two falsehoods at the same time.

By telling everyone that Kardashian is pregnant – oh, but she can’t reveal it yet! — and that she wants to divorce West — oh, but she can’t because she’s having a baby! — the magazine gets to have it both ways.

Life & Style can allege that she’s pregnant and splitting — even though neither is true — and then pretend in a few weeks never to have said this at all when neither happens.

Or, like its disgusting sister publication In Touch, it could just invent a miscarriage to get out of it.

A rep for Kardashian tells Gossip Cop exclusively the entire Life & Style cover story is false.

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Daniel Gates