Best Knee Sleeves for CrossFit

Knee sleeves are supportive pieces of gear that come with a variety of options. Like most pieces of supportive equipment, their use comes with a time and place, so it’s not a bad idea to keep yourself equipped with a pair for times you need them most. Strength athletes typically reach for knee sleeves for joint protection, warmth, and stability.

A sleeve’s benefits will be dependent on your strength sport, preferences, and knee sleeve wants/needs. We’ve been on a mission to find the best knee sleeve for powerlifting, weightlifting, CrossFit®-style workouts, knee warmth, and even squats. 

The DRVN 7mm knee sleeves are designed to ensure maximum knee compression and stabilization.  The added knee support can help ensure more stability, balance and agility during workouts.  The compression of the knee sleeve also adds warmth and increases blood flow to your muscles in the area.  This is especially important for reducing pain and swelling during and after a workout.  Anatomically designed and made of neoprene, our sleeves are designed to prevent bunching or sliding down during wear.