It Happened To Me: I Faked My Pregnancy To Get More Treats

One panda’s story.

As a fellow feminist, I decided it was important to publish.

If you're particularly panda-savvy and have turned on the news/your internet, chances are you've heard of me. Well, not me but the portrayal of me by various media outlets.

Now it's my turn. Yes, I faked a pregnancy but it wasn't just for the treats. Well, it was for the treats but not just because I'm some selfish panda who wants to eat all the fruits. This is an overriding issue: female worth being dependent on the ability or want to reproduce wreaks havoc on our society and I'm downright sick of it.

You may be saying to yourself, "but no one is FORCING you to get pregnant." Well, you have not been a panda at a zoo or faced a "serious talk" with your relatives on when you're going to pop one out.

Even more disconcerting though is this overt pressure that comes in the way of rewards for "good behavior" (i.e. propagating).That's right, just because one panda is Pregnant with a capital "p", she is deemed "more worthy" than other pandas and given special treatment. Where's my prize for being a kick-ass panda, eating shoots and being a goddamn DELIGHT to hang around?

Don't get me wrong, being a mother is great. I respect mothers and their ability to chose to take that responsibility on, I really do. But I also want to be respected for MY choices to remain childless. Where's my party for being an awesome, DELIGHTFUL Panda Lady who just makes the word a damn better place? So yeah, I took a stand and invited myself to the party. And it was delicious.

In shoots and love,
Ai Hin

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