Amber Marchese of Real Housewives Fighting Breast Cancer For Second Time

Amber Marchese Breast Cancer

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Amber Marchese of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” has breast cancer for the second time. Earlier this week, the reality TV star had surgery to remove a cancerous lump she discovered a few weeks ago. It is Marchese’s second such battle. Six years ago, Marchese was diagnosed with beast cancer and had a double mastectomy.

The TV personality revealed the news about her new health crisis on social media with a long post explaining her situation. Marchese wrote, “My last few weeks have been hell, as you can imagine. But, can you really? With this news I traveled to the Bahamas with my beautiful family and tons of close friends, but the only thing on my mind was that lump and my uncertain future. I kept a smile on my face in front of everyone and cried in private.”

Earlier this week, before her surgery and biopsy, when Marchese did not yet know whether the growth was cancerous, she wrote, “As comforting as the statistics should be to me, I still have spent the last couple of weeks in complete anxiety, fear, and stress. I was swept right back into the agony one faces when they could possibly face death.”

She added, “I am in the best physical condition of my life, lifting weights and I sometimes feel like supermom, but today I stand before you all, frightened. I am not ashamed or afraid to admit it, but what I can say to you all is I have peace. God willing, I can put this all behind me and simply be mom again, however in the meantime I will continue to strengthen my faith and show my love to all.” Gossip Cop wishes Marchese a swift return to good health.

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Kristen Stewart Shows Off Tattoo On Late Late Show with James Corden (VIDEO)

Kristen Stewart James Corden


Kristen Stewart showed off her tattoo on Tuesday’s “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” explaining that having some ink on-screen in Clouds of Sils Maria helped her make the decision to take the plunge in real life. Watch the video below.

“I had [the fake tattoo] for two months, so it’s like the perfect little test drive. I got back and I didn’t realize that I wanted it, and I really missed it.” Noting her very inconspicuous, very small second and third tattoos, Corden joked, “Oh, you’re head to toe! You’re practically Harry Styles!”

The actress called her previous lack of a tattoo her “rebellion,” since her whole family is “really tatted.” Stewart said, “For years and years, I was like, I do not need that. I stand alone.’ And then I was like, ‘No, I really like them, though.’” That’s why Stewart had her mom contact her tattoo artist to make the body art happen.

“It was a sweet little experience,” noted the star. It turns out that neither of her “Late Late Show” co-guests, Mark Ronson and Ben McKenzie, has a tattoo, although Ronson shared one very funny story about his friend’s tattoo mishap. Watch the video below.

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Jessa Duggar Pregnant! Reality Star Expecting First Baby With Ben Seewald

Jessa Duggar Pregnant


Jessa Duggar is pregnant! Are you shocked? The “19 Kids & Counting” star, who married Ben Seewald last year in a wedding filmed for the TLC show, is expecting her first child, she confirmed on Tuesday. “We’re expecting!” she tells People. “We are so excited. The due date is November first, our wedding anniversary.”

The third daughter (and fifth oldest child) in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s huge brood, Jessa tied the knot with Seewald in front of more than 1,000 people and reality show cameras in Bentonville, Arkansas, back in November. They announced their engagement last August, following 11 months of courtship. As per the family’s religious rules, Duggar and Seewald did not share their first kiss until their wedding day. It appears they’ve since gone a bit further.

She tells People that she took a pregnancy test one Sunday before church. “I said, ‘Hey Ben, guess what? Yeah, you’re a dad.’ We couldn’t believe it,” says Duggar. “We are so excited. We have started talking baby names. It is one of those things that is so special, picking a name for a baby.” Seewald adds, “We are trying to take it one day at a time. We pray every night that God helps us be good parents. We are getting advice from other parents.” Congratulations!

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