Farrah Abraham Gets New Boobs, Trades Texts with Charlie Sheen

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(Getty Images)

Farrah Abraham has new boobs — again — and wants to meet up with Charlie Sheen.

The “Teen Mom” alum, who enjoys masturbating to the sex tape she “privately” made with a professional porn star, is a flurry of activity these days, including a recent operation to replace her C-cup saline breast implants with D-cup silicone ones.

“Exclusive” photos of the boob job can be found HERE (if one is so inclined).

Meanwhile, it looks like Abraham wants to hang out with noted porn aficionado Sheen.

In text messages from May, obtained by TMZ, the young mom tells the actor, “Just wanted to say I was excited to meet you if ["Anger Management"] ever ends up booking me, but [I don't know] if that will happen so I just felt like saying your (sic) super funny and would love to meet you at some point.”

She goes on to suggest either meeting for coffee or “for a play date with our children.”

Sheen responds by telling her she sounds “fabulous,” and that while “coffee is for amateurs and grandma,” he’d “love to get together!!

Several days later, Abraham followed up, texting, “Hey Charlie! I’m in town with my family this week so if you would like to do kids play date let me know also I’m going to a B-day party I think Friday night you can come if you are up for some drinks but there will be like pornstar ppl there so if your (sic) not comfortable with that then let me know something else you would like to do :)

When Sheen commented, “that is quite the spectrum to navigate young lady…” she replied, “Ha ok well let me know what your (sic) comfortable with :) my life is a wide spectrum.”

OK, then.

It’s not clear whether they ever actually met up — but it sounds like Sheen and Abraham could become good pals.

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