Farrah Abraham Picks Up a New E63

Backdoor Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham is showing off a new set of wheels thanks to her new 500,000 dollar gig at a strip joint. Abraham posted a photo collage to her Twitter page showing off her new Mercedes-Benz E63 which is a huge upgrade from her Mini Cooper. Of course the collage seems to be more about photos of herself than the actual car but that’s not shocking.

Side note: she recently did an interview with inTouch magazine and talked to them about the stripping industry saying, I’ve learned that this industry has class, strength, and has taught me life skills to better myself for my daughter’s future.” Umm, wait, what? Is this for real? 

Farrah Abraham Mercedes Benz

Photo (@F1abraham)

Shout out to Zach for the tip!

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Farrah Abraham Confronted By Bethenny Audience Member: You’re “Out Of Your Mind!” (VIDEO)

8:38 pm, October 25th, 2013



Farrah Abraham faces some harsh critics on “Bethenny” on Monday: the audience.


The “Teen Mom” star turned porn star is forced to address some of her controversial behavior, and a few audience members call her out for waxing her then-3-year-old daughter’s “unibrow.”

Abraham tries to defend herself, attempting to make the case that little Sophia being asleep during part of the plucking made it okay, but only further exasperates the crowd.

“She’s out of her mind,” snipes one audience member.

Check out the tense video below.

PHOTOS – Farrah’s “Girls and Corpses” Cover – SEE HERE!

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