MAG: Stacy Keibler Cheating on George Clooney With Multimillionaire Businessman

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Stacy Keibler was caught in “a full-on make-out session with a high-profile multimillionaire businessman at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles,” reports Star.

The tabloid then quotes a so-called “eyewitness” as saying, “She was all over the guy, and he was loving the attention.”

So, who’s “the guy”?

Interesting that Star knows he a “multimillionaire businessman” and that he’s “high-profile,” yet does not know his name.

The mag goes on to claim, “They were in a small, closed-off area where many couldn’t see them, but Stacy still felt comfortable enough to act this way in a public place.”

Interesting that Star’s ”eyewitness” just happened to see Keibler and the unnamed “businessman,” yet others couldn’t.

Anyway, the tabloid speculates (on its fake report) that Keibler’s “make-out session” may have been to give George Clooney “a taste of his own medicine,” because he was supposedly spotted “holding hands” with Croatian model Monika Jakisic at a London club two weeks ago.

As Clooney told Gossip Cop, that story was “made up.”

And so is this latest tale about Keibler.

A pal of of hers assures Gossip Cop that the report about her making out with an unnamed businessman at the SLS hotel in L.A. is “totally false.”

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