TAB: Jennifer Aniston’s Boyfriend Justin Theroux Has “Gone Hollywood!”

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“Justin’s gone Hollywood!” blares a headline from In Touch, which claims that Justin Theroux “has gone from brooding hipster to total ham” since he started dating Jennifer Aniston.

The mag says Theroux is relishing his newfound fame, noting that he “laughed it up” with Jimmy Kimmel during a recent appearance, and “even break-danced on ‘Ellen.’”

A witness says, “He seemed happy to be there.”

Umm, what was he supposed to do, sit there in silence and act like a jerk?

Anyway, the tabloid goes on to state that the Wanderlust star “has clearly embraced Jen’s Hollywood lifestyle,” so much so that the mag calls his actual feelings for Aniston into question.

In Touch says the “Friends” alum “should know that Justin may have ulterior motives” for dating her, pointing out that he’s “been signed by Jen’s agents at CAA” since getting together with the A-lister.


Let’s examine the facts here for a moment.

Theroux and Aniston do NOT share the same agents at CAA.

The actor rarely speaks about their romance, and they purposely walked the red carpet separately at the Wanderlust premiere to temper the intense media attention on their relationship.

Yes, he’s become a regular fixture in gossip magazines since he paired off with Aniston, but that’s it.

A source close to Theroux tells Gossip Cop the tab’s story is so “obviously false.”

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