MAG: Nicole Richie “New Drug Nightmare!”

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6:10 pm, June 20th, 2013


“If Nicole Richie suffers a dangerous drug relapse, there will be one particular person to blame — her husband!” declares the National Enquirer, announcing a “New Drug Nightmare!” for the “Fashion Star” personality.

The magazine explains that the recent discovery of a negligible amount of marijuana in Joel Madden’s hotel room in Australia spells doom for his wife Richie’s sobriety.

“A spouse can lead their spouse back into addictive behavior,” warns some random doctor who talked to the Enquirer even though he treats neither Richie nor Madden.

The source continues, “If you have had a past problem with drug abuse, it makes it much riskier to associate with people who are continuing to use drugs.”

That is true.

But what’s also true is that Madden had a tiny quantity of pot in a hotel room halfway around the world from Richie — and there’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever that she is using again or even in danger of using again.

Richie has been a busy working mom and sober for many years at this point.

It’s speculative and unfair to imply that Madden’s hotel incident in Australia poses a “New Drug Nightmare!” for Richie in Los Angeles.

Of course, the Enquirer has a history of sensationalism and inaccuracy when it comes to the couple, including a report that they were set to split back in 2011 (WRONG) and fighting over money in 2012 (NOPE).

A source close to the family tells Gossip Cop the latest report is more of the same, and that Richie is healthy and sober.

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