The 61 Lesser Known Laws Of The Universe

Everyone has heard of the laws of thermodynamics, Newton’s Law of Gravitation, the laws of physics, and the law of conservation of mass. But how many people have heard of the law of pillow height, the law of bus timing, or the law of fitted sheets?

1. A leaky garbage bag will always drip on your sock.
2. A dustpan will pick up all the dust in your house – except for one perfect line right at its edge.
3. The sun will always manage to find the gap between the two visors in a car.
4. You will always turn on the fan when you want to turn on the light, and vice versa.
5. A cashier will always place your change on the counter when you hold your hand out for it, and vice versa.
6. A cat will always prefer the box the bed came in to the bed itself.


7. The driver going 5 under the speed limit will always speed up to 5 over the limit as soon as you attempt to pass them.
8. A cat walking across your lap will always manage to step on your genitals, and pause there when they do.
9. The teeth on a three-ring binder will never align correctly.


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