Justin Timberlake Recording ‘New Album’?

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(Digital Spy)

Justin Timberlake is back in the recording studio working on a new album,” reads an “exclusive” from Digital Spy.

According to the webloid, producer Jim Beanz told the site “the former ‘N SYNC star is currently penning tracks with Timbaland,” and that he’ll personally be working on “the Justin Timberlake project.”

“It’s still in the early stages, but they have a lot of tracks,” said Beanz, noting that Timberlake “has some crazy, crazy stuff.”

Of Timberlake’s supposed new album, Beanz added, “He’s going to kill it.”

Time to “kill” these claims.

A source close to Timberlake tells Gossip Cop, there’s “no truth” to the story or what Beanz said.

Timberlake is NOT currently working on a new album.

Far from it — he’s in Puerto Rico filming the movie Runner, Runner.

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