Jack Osbourne Fires Back At NBC Over Stars Earn Stripes, Calls For Boycott

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Jack Osbourne is firing back at NBC, challenging the network for dropping him from an upcoming competition series.

As Gossip Cop reported on Monday, the reality star’s mom, Sharon, has declared that she intends to quit “America’s Got Talent” because NBC allegedly fired Jack from “Stars Earn Stripes” after he went public with his multiple sclerosis.

The show features celebrities competing in military-style challenges, and Sharon Osbourne contends that Jack was discriminated against based on his illness, with NBC breaking a verbal agreement.

NBC responded by denying that Osbourne had been offered a chance to participate in the competition or that he’d been the victim of health-based discrimination.

Osbourne says the network is full of it.

He retweeted a report about NBC’s response and declared, “Bull-f**king-s**t. #boycottNBC.”

Osbourne added, “I took part in a 16 hr challenge over 30 miles with a 40lbs ruck on my back in Jan. I had MS then. Don’t tell me wot physically demanding is.”

It looks like the Osbourne family’s fight with NBC is far from over.

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