Gwyneth Paltrow Dragged Into Madonna and Lady Gaga Feud?

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“Wherever Madonna goes, drama is sure to follow!” announces Star magazine. “And this time, her good friend Gwyneth Paltrow is caught in the middle.”

Of what, exactly?

The tabloid’s “source” explains, “Gwyneth has been asked by Madonna and Lady Gaga to cohost fund-raisers for President Obama this fall. She wants to do both events, but Madonna openly hates Gaga. Gwyneth is worried about having a big falling-out with Madge if she does Gaga’s party too.”

Wait, so Paltrow won’t help Gaga raise money for Obama because she’s only allowed to help Madonna do the same thing?

Not necessarily, alleges Star, which claims Paltrow is “tempted to kiss her hot-and-cold friendship with [Madonna] good-bye.”

Ah, so Paltrow will be dumping Madonna in favor of Gaga?

Um, no.

“Madonna is an intense friend and is controlling of everyone in her life,” says the Star source, adding, “Gwyneth is sick of it, but she’s also scared to ditch her.”

So… wait, what’s happening, exactly?


It’s very easy for Star to set up some kind of fund-raiser fight with Paltrow caught between her two pals — but when it comes to committing to the story and saying what Paltrow is going to do, the tabloid unsurprisingly leaves open every possibility.

That’s because the tabloid’s report is bogus.

A rep for Paltrow says the supposed feud over her is not true, with another source telling Gossip Cop “it’s all crap.”

In the past, Paltrow has done fund-raisers for Obama completely unconnected to either Madonna or Gaga — whatever tension exists between the pop stars is not going to have a bearing on Paltrow’s decisions during this campaign.

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