TAB: Zac Efron Fired Management Team To “Avoid an Intervention”

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“Hard-partying Zac Efron figured out a great way to avoid an intervention planned by his management team: fire them all!” begins a piece from Star.

The mag, which recently tried to paint the actor has “Hollywood’s Worst Influence,” quotes a so-called “source” as saying, “Zac was showing up for meetings stinking of beer and cigarettes, and his team got so worried that they were going to intervene.”

The purported insider adds, “But Zac found out about it and got rid of them first.”

“He’s not worried about his image, and he’s having fun,” explains the supposed source, noting, “As far as he’s concerned, everything is more than OK.”

Yes, everything with Efron is perfectly all right.

It’s this tab’s story that’s NOT OK.

A rep for Efron tells Gossip Cop the mag’s claims are “NOT AT ALL TRUE,” adding, “He has been with the same agent/manager forever.”


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