CLAIM: Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Have “Big Fight” Over Justin Timberlake

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Ashton Kutcher is “turning green over Mila’s past,” says Star, which claims the actor and Mila Kunis “recently had their first big fight — after Ashton started obsessing about Mila’s brief fling with Justin Timberlake last year.”


What “fling”?

The one that NEVER HAPPENED?

Yes, according to the terrible tab, Kunis’ (non-existent) “steamy hookups” with Timberlake “had her new man going wild with jealousy.”

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“It was pretty bad,” a so-called “friend” claims in the mag, alleging, “Ashton was acting crazy and Mila lost her temper completely, even going so far as to theaten to break up with him.”

Conveniently, Star notes that the former “That 70s Show” co-stars “made up,” but “could call it quits if he brings up her JT phase again.”

“If Ashton doesn’t get his jealousy under control, the relationship won’t last,” opines the supposed source, adding, “That’s a deal breaker for Mila.”

You’ve got to love a publication that uses the word “if” as much as Star does to cover its bases.

We particularly like how the tab constantly backtrack with its rep

Regardless, a Kunis pal tells Gossip Cop that Star’s “whole story is BS — total BS.”

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