TAB: Jennifer Aniston Planning “Photo Op” With Angelina Jolie To End Feud Rumors

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“Could the cold war be coming to an end?” asks Us Weekly, which claims that Jennifer Aniston “is dying to spoof her seven-year rivalry with Angelina Jolie.”

According to a so-called “insider” for the tab, “Jen recently contemplated having her people call Angelina’s team to arrange a photo op for them just to put rumors that they hate each other to rest.”

The mag says Aniston got the supposed “idea” after she shot an online ad for SmartWater, in which she reportedly makes fun of constant rumors that she’s either pregnant or engaged.

The alleged source explains, “Jen wanted to time the shot with Angelina to the video’s release.”

“Jen doesn’t have problems with Angelina anymore!” adds the purported insider.

Umm… this is not news.

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Aniston publicly slammed rumors of a feud with Jolie and Brad Pitt back in February, saying it was the most annoying misconception about her.

Anyway, we’re supposed to believe that the movie star was going to go out of her way to plan a photo op with her ex-husband’s fiancé?

The only thing that would do is resuscitate unwanted media attention on Aniston, Jolie and Pitt — all of whom have long since moved on from 2005.

This story is a perfect example of how tabloids are using every last breath to try to keep the old feud rumors alive in order to sell magazines.

Sorry — but it’s done.

Regardless, a rep for Aniston confirms, “There was never any intention of getting a photo op with Angelina.”

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