Sales Of Katie Holmes’s Clothing Line Soar Following Divorce

Nothing livens up a stagnant luxury label like one of the world's most famous divorcee's making a few trips to Whole Foods wearing clothes.

A lot of people probably didn't know Holmes & Yang even existed prior to Katie Holmes divorcing Tom Cruise. Just like a lot of people probably didn't know C "California style" magazine existed either, but they sure do now that she's on the cover of their September issue!


Anyway, endless speculation about Holmes's next steps seems to have been enough to propel her clothing line from just existing, possibly languishing, to thriving. Holmes makes the line, Holmes & Yang, with her stylist, Jeanne Yang, who is regarded as one of the best in the business (like a Rachel Zoe minus the perpetual fuss that surrounds her). Though incredibly expensive and not particularly memorable — like much of Holmes's wardrobe — sales are soaring at high-end stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys.

Whether intentional or not (and I'm a conspiracy theorist so I sort of like to think it's the former) Holmes used the divorce press as well as anyone could have to promote her line. And she didn't even have to wear it next door to Whole Foods to do it. Just days after the news of her breakup broke, Holmes & Yang quietly announced her first-ever fashion show would happen in September. Pre-divorce no one would have cared much, but mid-divorce everyone cared and the news became a major headline. This gives the fashion and entertainment media something other than Marc Jacobs's collection to breathlessly speculate over as New York Fashion Week approaches. The Holmes & Yang show will likely be the biggest of the hundreds that walk in New York that week.

Also buoying Holmes's fashion persona, and hence her credibility as a designer, are her two impeccably timed magazine covers. First came Elle and now we have this C business. Holmes & Yang is poised to join Victoria Beckham's in that rarified sphere of fashion world respect few celebrities who choose to slap their names on clothing lines get to occupy. She could have gone the downmarket route like Jessica Simpson, but she took a more difficult one with much higher price tags.

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