Lindsay Lohan Dating Dennis Hopper’s Son?

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(X17 Online)

According to an X17Online report getting wide pickup, Lindsay Lohan went on a “liquor run” with Henry Hopper, son of the late Dennis Hopper.

The site claims the pair “snapped up a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka and lots of Red Bull” at a Venice Beach store on Tuesday, “and even shared a few kisses inside!”

X17Online’s “exclusive photos,” of course, show absolutely none of this.

Lohan and Hopper were snapped walking side by side – not even touching – without a bottle of liquor or Red Bull in sight.

Of course, the same site has routinely been dead wrong about Lohan’s love life, mistakenly reporting that she was dating Tom Hardy, as well as fashion designer Anthony Noble (wrong), model Petey Wright (not true), and even John Mayer (nope).

There’s no reason to believe X17Online’s hundredth guess about who Lohan is dating is any more accurate than those dashed rumors.

As a source close to Lohan points out, if the site actually had evidence for its claims about Lohan and Hopper, it’d be on display.

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