TAB: Kim Kardashian Hits “Rock Bottom”

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(Life & Style)

“I AM SO ALONE,” blares a Life & Style cover featuring Kim Kardashian, which claims the reality star is “headed for a breakdown.”

According to the mag, Kardashian’s situation “has only gotten worse” since her October split from Kris Humphries, and the backlash has left her at “rock bottom.”

The tab reports that during a recent NYC dinner with Jonathan Cheban and Loren Ridinger — “two of her few remaining friends” — the star complained, “I am so alone… it’s devastating.”

Life & Style goes on to claim that Kardashian has become a depressed recluse since her breakup and that “lying around in sweatpants and eating cake” is “the norm” for her these days.

“She stays home all the time,” claims a so-called “source” for the mag, explaining, “It’s like she’s afraid to be in public.”

But Kardashian does get out occasionally, notes the mag, which says, “One of the few activities that gets her out of her L.A. pad is a weekly crisis meeting with her pastor.”


So what about the Golden Globes after-parties she attended? And the day she co-hosted “Live! with Kelly”? Or the fact that she’s photographed out-and-about in L.A. nearly every single day?

Do those not count?

Anyway, while it’s obvious Kardashian went through a tough time during the weeks following her split, she’s only doing better as time goes on.

A Kardashian family insider tells Gossip Cop the claims she’s at “rock bottom” and on the verge of a mental breakdown are “obviously not true.”

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