Is Jennifer Lopez Having a Baby With Casper Smart?

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(Reality Weekly)

The perhaps misnamed Reality Weekly offers a sensational “exclusive” on its cover this week, announcing, “J. Lo: A Baby At 42!”

Jennifer Lopez is telling friends she will have a child with her young boyfriend” Casper Smart, proclaims the tabloid, which says the “American Idol” judge’s pals are worried about her alleged plans.

According to a so-called “insider” for the magazine, “They’ve only been together four months, so the fact that she wants to have a child with him seems totally crazy to most of her friends. It puts everything she’s worked for at risk.”

Reality Weekly, though, makes it seem like only a matter of time until Smart and Lopez are expecting a baby.

“J. Lo is used to getting what she wants, and at this moment in time, she wants Casper,” explains the mag.

The “insider” tells the tabloid, “She is always pointing out how mature he is for his age. It’s really true to an extent. He loves being with J. Lo and the kids and has no qualms about becoming a young father.”

Lopez’s estranged husband Marc Anthony, meanwhile, “is in disbelief” over how quickly she and Smart are moving, claims Reality Weekly, trying to stir up even more conflict.

“He’s upset. He’s even threatened to take the kids away from her if she has another baby with Casper,” alleges the “insider.”

A possible pregnancy! Threats of a custody fight! Such drama!

And none of it is true.

Even a rep for Lopez tells us the story is completely “inaccurate.”

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