CLAIM: Brad Pitt Tells Billy Bob Thornton to “Lay Off” Angelina Jolie

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“Brad to Billy Bob: Lay Off Angie!” reads the headline of another National Enquirer story involving Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Billy Bob Thornton.

In its latest effort, the tab says Pitt and Thornton had a confrontation after the Moneyball star heard Jolie was planning to meet up with her ex at the Berlin Film Festival and that Thornton “was basing his next film, ‘And Then We Drove,’ on his brief and fiery romance with Angelina.”

According to the Enquirer, “Brad was so streaming mad about the date with Angie and the movie that he called Billy Bob directly.”

Then, in a completely manufactured quote, the mag’s “source” — who somehow overheard the private phone call — relates, “Brad told Billy Bob that he didn’t appreciate him cozying up to Angelina or using her private life as fodder for film entertainment.”

But that’s not all.

The tab’s phony source adds, “When Billy Bob tried to calm Brad down and told him to relax, Brad barked, ‘Hey man, just keep your hands off my woman!’”

Oh, so much to bust!

For starters, Thornton’s film, And Then We Drove, is NOT based on Jolie.

Also, the actress NEVER had plans to meet up with her ex at the Berlin Film Festival.

And Pitt NEVER called Thornton and “barked” that he needs to “lay off Angie.”

Even a source close to Thornton tells Gossip Cop it’s “not true.”

All of the above tales were created by the imaginative folks at the Enquirer, who need to “lay” — or something else — “off.”

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