Bill O’Reilly and Matt Lauer Fight Over Whitney Houston Drug Coverage (VIDEO)



Bill O’Reilly and Matt Lauer got into a heated (for morning TV) discussion about Whitney Houston on Thursday’s “Today Show.”

On his own show, O’Reilly said Houston “wanted to kill herself.”

Challenging the Fox News host, Lauer brought up the point that “addiction is a disease,” to which O’Reilly responded, “You don’t have free will when you have lung cancer. You do have free will when you’re a crack addict.”


He argues that the media “sensationalized” accounts of Houston’s drug use before she died to “exploit the woman’s condition, not try and help her.”

Lauer asks, “Are journalists supposed to be in the position of conducting interventions?”

O’Reilly replies, “They’re supposed to be in the business of telling the truth… If you get into hard drugs, you can go anytime.”

With whom do you agree?

Check out the video below!

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