The Bachelor Heats Up In Puerto Rico With Cat Fights And Skinny Dipping (VIDEO)


“The Bachelor” probably didn’t have to travel all the way to Puerto Rico for the drama to heat up, but both the romance and the cat fights were scorching in Monday’s episode.

Of course, the festivities did start out with a little rain – okay, a lot of rain – when Ben Flajnik and contestant Nicki were caught in a downpour while on their one-on-one date.

The girls were later pitted against each other – literally – when Flajnik brought them to Roberto Celemente Stadium for a tension-filled game of baseball.

The winning team got to join Flajnik at a beach party that night, leaving a few of the losing ladies in tears.

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Elyse was the second (and final) lucky lady to get a one-on-one with Flajnik, on a private yacht.

But their private time together didn’t end as she had hoped, as Flajnik opted not to give Elyse a rose and instead sent her tearfully packing.

The claws then came out among the remaining women, who had a mixed reaction to Elyse’s ouster.

“It’s really sweet for me, it’s really bitter for her,” said an unsympathetic Courtney. “Another one bites the dust.”

The vixen soon went to make good on a promise to go skinny dipping with Flajnik, which he seemed to, um, enjoy.

The pair’s bond later nearly proved to be Emily‘s undoing, as she turned Flajnik off when she complained about Courtney’s drama-causing antics (and she didn’t even know about the skinny dipping!).

Instead, Flajnik opted to send home Jennifer, despite the promising date they had in just last week’s episode.

Next week, the group travels to Panama.

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