Kate Winslet Engaged to Ned Rocknroll?

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Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll (Richard Branson’s nephew) are secretly engaged, reports Star magazine.

An alleged insider for the tabloid claims, “On New Year’s Eve, Ned suggested they go ahead and get married, and Kate burst into tears and said yes.”

The supposed “source” adds, “It’s unofficial, but he’s looking into having a ring commissioned, and they’re planning an engagement party for Valentine’s Day.”

And that’s not all.

Star claims the couple is also “eager to add to their family,” quoting another source as saying, “Ned and Kate very much want to have a child together!”

What a lovely little story.

However, it’s simply not true.

Calling Winslet and RocknRoll’s supposed engagement “unofficial” and “secret” is the magazine’s way of allowing for the fact that the couple will not be announcing anything.

And when Valentine’s Day comes and goes, and the couple is still not engaged, Star can just say “they decided to slow things down” or make some other excuse for the report being proven wrong.

Regardless, a source close to Winslet tells Gossip Cop the actress is “not engaged.”

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