MAG: Kris Jenner’s Bad Influence “Destroyed” Kim Kardashian At Young Age

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(In Touch)

Kris Jenner destroyed Kim Kardashian by molding into her into a “Mini Me” and “monster,” claims In Touch.

In a splashy cover story, the magazine alleges that Jenner pushed Kardashian “to have sex at 14″ and otherwise shaped her daughter at a young age with “questionable values.”

In Touch cites a “family friend” who believes Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries was “encouraged” by Jenner, who supposedly “won’t rest until Kim is married to an A-lister.”

The tabloid says “the idea of marrying for money and fame” was “instilled in Kim as a child,” and somehow “driven home in the way [Jenner] stayed married but flaunted” her alleged affair 20 years ago with Todd Waterman, whose theories form the backbone for the In Touch article.

Um, if Jenner is supposedly obsessed with “marrying for fame” and has complete control over her “Mini Me” daughter, as In Touch claims, then why did she sign off on the Humphries marriage in the first place?

But dubious internal logic is not the article’s only failing.

The bait-and-switch cover, which makes the rather serious allegation that Jenner “pushed” Kardashian to have sex at 14, corresponds to nothing in the article itself.

There’s a vague reference to Jenner being “permissive about sex” and giving Kardashian “the green light to have sex in her teens.”

We’re not exactly sure how that equates to the implied pimping advertised on the cover.

In any case, the entire article is an exercise in sensationalism and gross exaggeration.

It’s true that Jenner is not only Kardashian’s mom – she’s also her manager.

She’s involved in her daughter’s career and obviously has influence in her personal life.

But the notion that Jenner’s infidelity when Kardashian was a child turned her daughter “into a monster” is a leap that needs actual facts and specifics to be believable.

A source close to the family tells Gossip Cop that In Touch’s assertions are “ridiculous.”

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