Inside Karen and Drita’s Explosive Mob Wives Blowout

It's getting wild on Staten Island!

Hot on the heels of Mob Wives' season 1 finale fight, Karen Gravano and Drita D'avanzo got into another ugly spat on season 2's second episode Sunday, leaving viewers wondering if the can ever manage a calm one-on-one conversation.

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If you ask Gravano -- who found herself taking a punch to the face after trying to talk civilly to D'Avanco -- the women never should have had words at the party hosted by fellow cast mate Renee Graziano in the first place.

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"I reached out to Drita on several occasions but she thought the [party] was the time and place to talk," Gravano tells Us Weekly. "I do and did at the time have feelings that I wanted to address and it's unfortunate that things got blown out of proportion at Renee's party."

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Though the fight escalated once newbie cast member Ramona Rizzo stepped in, looking back Gravano insists that their screaming match was futile. "We're trying to argue something that isn't there: Our friendship," Gravano says of her longtime foe, who takes issue with the fact that Gravano dated her ex-husband, Lee. "She's stated where she stands -- we're not friends."

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So just why did Rizzo step in?

"I've known Renee over 20 years. We're family friends and this was a friend's party. There should be no confrontations. [Drita] should have texted her and asked [to chat] another time that week. The spotlight should have been on Renee [at her party]," says mom of four Rizzo.

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Joked Graziano: "It wouldn't be a party if there wasn't an explosion."

For more from the ladies about the wild seen-on-TV brawl, and how Graziano feels in the wake of her full-body lift surgery, check out the exclusive video interview above!

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