Howard Stern Defends Soldiers Peeing on Taliban Fighters: “So What; That’s War”




Count Howard Stern and Dave Navarro among the people who are not outraged by recently surfaced video of U.S. soldiers urinating on dead Taliban fighters.

The future “America’s Got Talent” judge and his rocker guest got into the discussion on Stern’s satellite radio show Tuesday morning.


Stern explained that it was impossible for anyone to understand what young American troops experience in the heat of life-and-death situations.

He theorizes, “A young brave man goes over there, he’s watching his buddies get blown up… you get done with an intense battle, you’re alive, you’re f**king crazed, you’re scared out of your mind… You take out your c**k and you piss on the enemy.”

“You know what? So what. That’s war,” concludes Stern.

His sidekick, Robin Quivers, offered the opinion, “I still think we always have to strive to be better.”

Stern brought up the sensitive matter of Navarro’s mother’s murder, and asked the musician whether he’d urinate on her murderer.

“More than likely,” replied Navarro.

Navarro was less adamant than Stern in his support for the soldiers’ actions, but stressed that there was no way he could understand their circumstances.

LISTEN to the discussion below – Warning: There are a couple of expletives.

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