Daniel Radcliffe Talks Harry Potter in “Saturday Night Live” Monologue (VIDEO)



Daniel Radcliffe hosted “Saturday Night Live,” and he addressed the fans of Harry Potter.

He said to all the kids, “Your enthusiasm was the real magic, and I so enjoyed being on the journey with you.”

And to the adults, Radcliffe pointed out, “Those books were for children. You were reading children’s books.”

Radcliffe also noted how over the years different people have played Harry Potter on “Saturday Night Live,” including Bill Hader, Hugh Jackman, and even Rachel Dratch.”

He asked that the show not do any Harry Potter-themed sketches, but behind him were the “Jersey Shore Hogwarts,” featuring “Snooki” (Bobby Moynihan) and “The Situation” (Hader).

Check out the video below.

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