‘Arrow’: First Look at Katie Cassidy as Black Canary

Arrow Black Canary Pose - H 2014

Ed Araquel/The CW

The time has finally come: Black Canary is about to make her debut.

The CW has released the first official image of Katie Cassidy (aka Laurel) in full costume from the 10th season-three episode, titled “Left Behind” — and it’s about damn time. After Sara’s violent death in the premiere, Laurel embarked on a quest to become someone else, teaming with Ted Grant (J.R. Ramirez) to help get her into fighting shape.

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“I think Laurel has earned it. She’s gone through really, really hard times, and she will dig deep and rise above,” Cassidy told The Hollywood Reporter in October.

Check out the images below.

Arrow airs 8 p.m. Wednesdays on The CW.

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‘The 100’: Lindsey Morgan on Raven’s New Obstacles and Rekindling the Past

The 100 Lindsey Morgan Still - H 2014

Cate Cameron/The CW

‘The 100’

Can Raven adapt to her new role on The 100?

The former Ark mechanic, now on crutches as she recuperates from her intensive surgery, won’t be adjusting very well. She’ll also be in close quarters with her former Ark cohort Wick (guest star Steve Talley), something she’s not too keen on.

“She absolutely hates and despises it, which is tough because she doesn’t want to be a big grouch. It’s not who she is and she feels like it’s unfair,” Morgan tells The Hollywood Reporter of Raven’s mindspace. “As resistant as she is to that and the frustration it causes her, it’s a new challenge and this is what she’s dealing with now. Her struggle internally is her biggest obstacle at the moment: How am I going to make this work?”

Morgan talks to The Hollywood Reporter about Raven’s trouble adjusting to her new role in the group, future with Finn and rocky waters with Wick.

At the start of the season, Raven was seriously hurt, affecting her mobility and ability to walk. How did you go about portraying that?

It was extremely difficult and it was exhausting because I had to have my left leg just go completely limp and be dead weight. You didn’t want to move it, you didn’t want to use any of your muscles to move it and I was bracing all my body weight was on my right leg. The imbalance of that caused me to get tired more quickly. Mentally, it was difficult because it’s such habit to think “I’m walking, I’m moving!” To be so much more aware of your body and forcing it to act a certain way while also hitting your mark and saying your lines and getting in your light and all the other million things you have to do. Intellectually, it was fascinating to dive into as an actor. I found this website, The Experience Project, which has people write first-hand experiences of their life and what they went through. There would be a 75-year-old man who talked about his childhood or a 15-year-old girl who talked about what she is going through right now. It was amazing to read their personal thoughts. I remember thinking it was so intimate. It’s something I will carry on with me. 

Now Raven will be hanging out with Wick, which is a completely different dynamic than we’ve seen her have on The 100 up to this point. How would you describe their back and forth?

You’re absolutely right about that. Wick is someone who is completely different from anyone else you’ve seen her interact with. Wick is from the Ark and was her co-worker so they have history built in there. Wick just got to Earth and doesn’t really know what’s going on so that’s interesting. Wick was her bro. She’s such a guy’s girl and she never wants to be treated like a dainty little flower. So now, she’s in the position where people are feeling sorry for her and Wick — knowing her before all this a lot better than anyone else does — doesn’t want anything to change between them or how they treat each other. They’re friends but they definitely give each other shit.

In a scene that was released that really illustrated their “bro-y” friendship.

Yeah, they’re bros! That’s exactly right.

Is it fair to say Raven and Wick’s friendship will evolve or grow into something else?

I’d say so. In this episode alone, it changes as far as how much Raven lets him see beyond her as a bro or her as a tough girl. And the only person she’s let see that side of her is Finn. Now that he’s gone and no longer in her life as much, it’s interesting who she allows [to fill that role]. She’s definitely not an open book by any means so what happens between her and Wick really allows her to open up to him. It’s definitely not easy. I admire Wick for sticking with it and not turning away so quickly. (Laughs.) Raven’s not the nicest to him. If that was me, I would’ve been like, “Later! Bye girl!”

Do you foresee a future still for Raven and Finn?

He saved her life in the [season-one] finale. It’s a big deal! He risked his life to save hers so she wouldn’t be alive without him and he was there through her whole surgery and while she was healing, even though it was valuable time for him to spend looking for Clarke. She knows all that and she appreciates that and that’s why she gives him the OK: Don’t be here when I wake up, not because I’m mad at you and hate you, because by him staying, he was showing he loved her. By her letting him go, it was showing him that she loved him and knew that his heart needed to go find Clarke. They’re in a good place. They love each other, but in a very different sense — in a familial brother-sister or best friend sense. I think always will.

The 100 airs 9 p.m. Wednesdays on The CW.

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‘Arrow’s’ J.R. Ramirez on Ted Grant: Perceptions Will Be Changed

Arrow JR Ramirez Season 3 Ep 5 Still - H 2014

Ed Araquel/The CW


Is Ted Grant hiding a secret?

The spotlight turns to Laurel’s (Katie Cassidy) new boxing coach and mentor on Wednesday’s Arrow, titled “Guilty,” when a dead body inexplicably turns up at the Wildcat gym, causing Oliver (Stephen Amell) and his team to suspect that Ted had something to do with it.

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J.R. Ramirez, who plays the enigmatic boxing pro, talks to The Hollywood Reporter about transforming Laurel into a fighting machine, going up against the Arrow and whether Ted will suit up.

How familiar with Ted Grant/Wildcat were you before you joined Arrow?

Just like any other young kid, I was obsessed with Batman and Superman. It was a complete obsession, till this day, I’m a Batman addict. But I didn’t really read too many comics to be honest with you but when I read the role, I didn’t really know [his back story]. I just saw that he was a boxer and had a nice story arc with Laurel, but when I realized that this guy was named Ted Grant, a character who exploded in the comic-book world, I was like a little kid in the candy store doing research. That’s when I really got excited about the whole thing because I knew how successful the show was.

Ted has been integral in Laurel’s journey as she starts to transform into what we assume will be her eventual superhero alter ego. How would you describe their dynamic at the moment?

Ted sees a lot him in her but he wants to make sure she’s doing this for the right reasons. She’s obviously working through a lot of turmoil and a lot of pain. I feel like right now he’s wanting to take that step by step and not get too ahead of ourselves and work on the technique and the training. It’s not about having her go out and fight people, it’s more about really loving the sport and hoping that she sticks to loving what boxing is and not any other reason. It’s been fun working with [Katie] and as a character.

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In this episode, Ted comes face to face with the Arrow, which I imagine must present some interesting possibilities. Can you explain their moment and what we can expect from them?

I can’t really give too much away but [in that scene] Ted comes back to his gym and finds that there are some bodies that are sprung up in his gym. There’s definitely some great stuff that happens this week. And of course the Arrow believes that Ted is guilty. It’s the first time that Ted gets to interact with him. It’s definitely a crucial part of where they’re going to go. There will be many standoffs between Ted and Arrow, but at the same time, Ted realizes that this Arrow guy can be a huge asset to help him figure out what’s going on and where this craziness is coming from and who’s doing it. You’ll really get to see more background on Ted Grant, on top of the fact that there’s a lot of fun stuff between him and the Arrow that I’m excited to watch myself.

Might we see Ted interacting with Oliver as well?

I can’t really say much about that but I’m hoping to get to work with Oliver. This week is centered on Ted being charged for a murder he did not commit so it’s a lot of the Arrow and Ted Grant. But I’m hoping to continue working and hope to work with Stephen as Oliver. Hopefully one day I’ll get to suit up.

Oliver isn’t happy about Laurel going down this road with Ted. How do you think his first official interaction with Ted minus the vigilante identity would be like?

That’s a good question. After tonight’s episode, I’m curious to see where Oliver’s perception of Ted Grant is going to be because I feel like he will, hopefully, have a different idea of who Ted is, that he’s not trying to hurt Laurel but that he’s trying to help her. It can go a lot of ways. I’m curious myself to see where they’re going to take that. I don’t know how, after this week’s episode, Oliver is going to be perceive Ted so I’d be curious to see what he thinks of the whole thing. There’s definitely going to be a sense of bonding that happens between Oliver and Ted; they’re both kind of stuck, they don’t have a choice. I’m curious to see where it goes.

You teased to perceptions changing in regards to Ted. Can you elaborate?

More than anything, you’ll get to see a little bit of where Ted is coming from. Again, we haven’t gone down that road yet on where they’re going to take him and how involved he’s going to be as a vigilante — if he’s going to even be a vigilante. None of that has been established yet. I’m more than willing to suit up. I will be like a little kid in the candy store if that were to happen.

Arrow airs 8 p.m. Wednesdays on The CW.

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