The Police Captured This Wanted Guy After He Posted An Ice Bucket Challenge Video On Facebook

Think before you ice bucket challenge.

Police Handout

One of his Facebook friends saw the video (which is not public on Facebook), and recognized the house in Omaha where it was taped. The person apparently knew that Morris had an outstanding warrant, and called the police.

Officer Kevin Wiese told the that the tipster told them which house to go to, and two officers were sent to find him.

After watching the house for a few hours, they saw Morris getting into a car and hauled him back to jail.

He allegedly resisted arrest by spitting in an officer's face, giving the police a false name and birth date, and kicking down the partition in the cruiser. He's been booked into jail on the warrant and on "suspicion of criminal impersonation, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer."

Morris was released from the Omaha Correctional Center in March after serving a 4-year sentence for attempted second-degree assault using a firearm, and has been on parole ever since.

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