The 25 Best “So You Think You Can Dance” Routines Of All Time

After several hours of watching and debating over SYTYCD routines, we’ve narrowed down our top 25 picks. Here’s the best of So You Think You Can Dance , dance, dance…

"Fuego" – Pasha and Lauren, Season 3

As a non-hip hop dancer, Pasha totally kept up with his partner Lauren, who, might we say, slaaayyyyyyed. Also, the humor and athleticism in this routine that choreographer Shane Sparks incorporated proves why he's still one of the best.

"Dreaming With A Broken Heart" — tWitch and Kherington, Season 4

Here we have tWitch really reiterating that he's not just a hip hop dancer, but a dancer. And a powerful one at that. Although all the props and accessories were a little cheesy and literal, the chemistry and emotion between the two was nothing by honest.

"The Garden" — Courtney and Mark, Season 4

This is CLASSIC Sonya Tayeh. It's such a strange routine but you can't help but love it. Brilliant work, Courtney and Mark.

"Are You The One?" — Neil and Danny, Season 3

This is one of the rare instances we get sex-same partnerships on the show, and it really proves there should be more. Also, the theatricality and intensity is a nice counter-balance to some of the more raw and subtle routines.

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