Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie Alleged “Showdown” at George Clooney Wedding Made Up By Star (EXCLUSIVE)

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Star is desperate for attention.

So desperate, in fact, this week the magazine chose to fabricate a cover story about a made-up “showdown” between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie at George Clooney’s non-existent wedding.

Star’s new cover wants you to think Clooney and Amal Almuddin married over the weekend.

They did not.

Star also wants you to believe Aniston and Jolie came “face-to-face for the first time since Angie stole Brad [Pitt]” at the nuptials, and Aniston “almost fainted.”

They did not, and she did not.

That’s why inside the tabloid, Star pulls a bait-and-switch, completely changing its language to talk about what could happen in the future.

“After a decade of bad blood, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie may soon have their first-ever face-off,” writes the outlet.

That is quite different from its misleading cover lines, a shameless ploy to get readers to buy the magazine.

But all they’ll really find inside is four inside pages of nonsense on how the “sworn enemies will be forced into close quarters” at Clooney’s eventual wedding, and how its “sources” believe there could be a major blow-up as a result.

A Star “insider” says of Aniston, “It will be hard for her to see Angie; she can’t stand the sight of her. Jen worries that she might slip and say something rude if she has a couple of drinks.”

Aniston, however, is also planning “revenge,” claims Star, with its alleged source saying, “She’s on a mission to look absolutely gorgeous to outshine Angie,” and even supposedly plans to be “all over” fiancé Justin Theroux, “acting like she’s having the time of her life — to show Brad what he’s missing.”

As for Jolie’s side, the magazine claims the Oscar winner is “furious” that Aniston was invited and supposedly also plans to bring Chelsea Handler, who has slammed Jolie in the past.

“Angelina even tried to enlist Brad in a campaign to get Jen disinvited from the event,” says Star, with its alleged insider saying Pitt refused and instead told his fiancée to “buck up and be civil about the situation.”

But Star claims Jolie is seeking to steal the spotlight, too, supposedly contacting designers “Jen loves” to make a custom gown.

“When Jen found out about Angie’s dress-designer plot, ‘she almost fainted,’” the tab quotes its “insider” as saying. “Jen was so furious she actually called Brad, but he didn’t want to hear anything about it… and told her she needs to let it go.”

And on the big day, the outlet’s supposed snitch says, “Angie will stay glued to Brad,” and “wants to make it clear that Brad is hers and always will be.”

“If she catches Jen and Brad talking, you can bet there will be a major confrontation,” claims the alleged Star tipster.

The magazine further alleges “Amal and George are bracing for a possible confrontation between Jen and Angie at their nuptials,” with its “source” claiming, “George was torn about having both women in the same room, but he hopes they’ll have enough respect for his big day to not cause a scene.”

If only Star had “enough respect” for its readers not to peddle bullsh*t.

If only Star had “enough respect” for journalism not to write baseless, sensationalized speculation as fact.

Regardless, Aniston’s rep tell Gossip Cop exclusively the story is a “complete fabrication.”

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