Watch An Entire Day Pass Through One Still Image In These Stunning GIFs

Artist Fong Qi Wei uses spliced time-lapse photos to show “time in motion.”

Sunset at the Bund, 2014.

Fong Qi Wei / Via

In a recent series titled "Time in Motion," artist Fong Qi Wei captures the light over a full 24 hours through a series of amazing time-lapse photos. The result is some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing GIFs you'll see online.

Here's how the artist describes the project:

This is a follow up to my previous series Time is a Dimension (TIAD). In TIAD, I spliced different time slices into a single print. That was to work within the nature of a physical print. However, in this set of manipulations, I present a medium that is neither a print nor a video. In short, I use the GIF format (don't ask me how it is to be pronounced!) to create a looping animation that shows a single landscape / seascape but with a constant shimmer of … time.

Below are just a few of the images in Wei's photo series:

Shanghai Freeway Sunrise, 2014.

Fong Qi Wei / Via

Glassy Sunset, 2013.

Fong Qi Wei / Via

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