Ben Flajnik Shoots Down Kris Jenner Dating Rumor Spread by HollywoodLife

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HollywoodLife is spreading false speculation that Kris Jenner is dating Ben Flajnik of “The Bachelor.”

“Kris Jenner Cozies Up To ‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik At Kanye West Concert,” shrieks the reality-challenged webloid (see right), which has perpetuated bogus rumors about Jenner for years.

According to HollywoodLife, Jenner and Flajnik “got super cozy” at Wednesday’s concert in Oakland, with the “rumored couple” allegedly “whispering into each other’s ears during the entire show.”

“The Kardashian matriarch has insisted they’re just friends, but it looks more like she may have found herself a sexy and much younger rebound!” claims the blog.

This is complete nonsense.

As Flajnik himself told Gossip Cop two weeks ago, “I’m not dating Kris Jenner. We are friends.”

Still HollywoodLife posted its latest twisting of the truth, so Gossip Cop reached out to Flajnik again.

Kris is a dear friend and her family is awesome,” he tells us. “We are working on a couple potential new projects together so that’s why we’ve been spending a bunch of time together.”

End of story.

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