Steve Irwin’s Daughter Bindi Victim of FALSE Death Rumor

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Bindi Irwin, the 14-year-old daughter of late “Crocodile Hunter” star Steve Irwin, is NOT dead despite an Internet rumor that spread on Thursday and Friday.

Speculation about Irwin’s alleged death apparently went viral due to a glitch that occurred when search engines wrongly aggregated queries about “Steve Irwin daughter” with older news related to her father’s 2006 demise.

By late Friday, “Steve Irwin daughter” had become the #1 “trending now” search on Yahoo!

To be clear: Bindi Irwin is NOT dead.

In fact, she’s been tweeting throughout the week.

Perhaps the only silver lining here is that it appears there was no malevolence or planned hoax with Irwin’s false death rumor, unlike the dozens of phony and deliberate “dead” rumors that have spread about celebrities in the past.

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