Sarah Palin Likens Washington D.C. to ‘Bad Reality TV’ at CPAC

Sarah Palin was greeted with applause at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where she delivered remarks on Saturday filled with barbs aimed Barack Obama and Beltway politicians. 

“We don’t have leadership coming out of Washington, we have reality television," Palin said. "Except it's really bad reality TV, and the American people tuned out a long time ago."

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She then noted that some of the actions of politicians in the Republican party feel scripted. "Even our guys in the GOP too often have a habit of reading their stage directions, especially these days, they're being too scripted, too calculated," she figured. 

She also compared Obama to a notorious ponzi scheme felon. "He’s considered a good politician, which is like saying Bernie Madoff was a good salesman," she said. "The difference being the president is using our money."

On cable, Fox News carried parts of Palin's speech without commentary, CNN and MSNBC offered partial coverage interspersed with pundits talking about the future of the Republican party. 

The former vice presidential candidate previously starred in her own reality series on TLC, Sarah Palin's Alaska

After parting ways as a contributor to Fox News earlier this year, she is currently writing a book entitled A Happy Holiday IS a Merry Christmas that will decry the commercialization of the Christian holiday. 

After thanking the CPAC crowd, Palin exited the stage to Shania Twain's "She's Not Just a Pretty Face." 

Her full remarks can be seen here.

Erik Hayden