Serena Williams Wins Gold And Performs The Most Meaningful Crip Walk Ever

The younger Williams sister made quick work out of Maria Sharapova and then celebrated her first singles gold medal with a crip walk that likely has a surprisingly deep and personal meaning.

Serena's dominance of the gold medal match cannot be overstated. She lost one game. Her serve was never broken. She won in only 63 minutes! She looked like Jeff Daniels in The Squid And The Whale to Maria Sharapova's Laura Linney — and Maria Sharapova is one of the best tennis players in the world! She was blown off the court.

It's at moments like these that we're reminded just how great Serena Williams is. Like Tiger Woods before he became a late night tv punchline, it's easy to take the younger Williams for granted. After all, she won her first grand slam title 13 years ago, when she was just 17. In her already storied career she had won every major prize her sport offered but one: the women's singles Olympic gold medal. Today, at the cost of Maria Sharapova's dignity, she got that too. But the most powerful moment came in Serena's celebration...

The Steps Of A Serena Celebration:

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