Robert Pattinson Old Casting News Turned Into False Australian “Escape” Rumors

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(The Sun)

Robert Pattinson “has been looking into working in Australia for his next film to escape the furore surrounding his break-up with Kristen Stewart after her fling with a married film director,”  reports The Sun.

The paper claims, “Rob has been approached about joining a film called The Rover, about a man having his car stolen in the Aussie outback.”

And Pattinson is supposedly “giving the movie some serious thought as it would offer a change of scenery,” says the tabloid.

A so-called “source” for The Sun alleges, “Rob has told his agent he wants to get away from it all.”

The purported insider adds, “Originally he wasn’t that keen to do it because he didn’t want to leave Kristen but he’s changed his mind and is now negotiating.”

How dramatic.

There’s just one teeny tiny problem with this story.

Pattinson signed on to do The Rover WAY BACK in Maymonths before Stewart admitted to straying with Rupert Sanders.

The actor’s rep confirmed to Gossip Cop on May 3rd that Pattinson had officially joined the movie and was set to play a character named Reynolds.

The Sun is merely fudging the facts on this old story in order to manufacture a new “twist” in the Pattinson-Stewart drama.


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