Paul Ryan’s Promise: "We Can Turn This Thing Around."

A choice that looks to a conservative future for the Republican Party, and a promise of change.


Zeke: NORFOLK, Virginia — Rep. Paul Ryan summed up the Romney-Ryan campaign's general election message in a speech shortly after being introduced as Romney's running mate: "We can turn this thing around."

Ryan sought to project optimism, dynamism, and depth in his introduction to the nation this morning, but he and the Romney campaign are also walking a careful line: They are visionaries, even if they won't be tied to the the intricate details of Ryan's vision.

"We won't duck the tough issues, we will lead!" Ryan said. "We won't blame others, we will take responsibility."

Romney aides have repeatedly emphasized that they see this election as being about the economy, and while Ryan's entrance into the mix introduces Medicare and budgets to the campaign, his remarks indicate hew more to the old Romney message of a broad turnaround.

The final passage of his speech offered that sweeping promise; the Obama campaign will now try to pull him back into the details.


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