Netiquette: What Do You Do When You’re An Accidental Joke Thief?

Ever think of a really awesome Tagg Romney pun, and then realize that about 500 other people on Twitter made the same one? On a scale of 1 to seppuku, how embarassed should you be?

Late last night, as news broke that Mitt Romney had chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate, an interesting detail emerged that Tagg Romney was the one to break the bad news to the other two frontrunners. I saw this when BuzzFeed editor John Herrman tweeted it, and a clever play on Tagg's name popped into my head.

Oh, how clever I am! So witty, so droll.

But then - oh no. I saw that BuzzFeed Sports editor Kevin Lincoln had beaten me to the joke. Even worse, he wasn't the only one who made that joke responding to Herrman:

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