Man Creates Sleeping Cocoon On Subway Tops The Morning Links

You can tell this is San Francisco because New Yorkers would've overturned him by now. Plus, Kate Upton went nude for her new photoshoot and faking injury isn't just for getting out of gym.

Breaking News: Kate Upton looks really good naked. [SFW] - [HuffingtonPost]

Teen collapses after four day Call of Duty marathon isn't a gaming problem, it's a parenting problem. - [TheWeek]

The Google self-driving cars have logged 300k miles without a single accident while under computer control. - [Atlantic]

Flips flops might be summer staples but they're really bad for you. - [Greatist]

The actress that starred in Hitchcock's The Birds says he ruined her career when she refused the director's advances. - [FilmDrunk]

Watch 12-year-old cancer patient Talia Joy give make-up tutorials while warming your heart. - [Glamour]

Being an athlete means sometimes you're going to get hurt. And sometimes you're going to fake getting hurt. - [BleacherReport]

Ben Affleck turned down the chance to direct the Justice League movie. Let's all breath a collective sigh of relief? - [TheSuperficial]

Hey girls, we now make up almost half the video game playing population, it's time to start making games too. - [Current]

Headline Story: Public transportation is the same as private transportation. The subjects of this Facebook group don't seem to acknowledge this. - [DailyMail]


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