Kristen Stewart “Spotted Post-Scandal At L.A. Gym”?

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HollywoodLife just doesn’t know when to quit.

The serial fabricators, infamous for making up stories and failing to fact-check, is at it again.

In a supposed “exclusive,” the constantly discredited webloid blares, “Kristen Stewart Spotted Post-Scandal At L.A. Gym,” and goes on to claim that “the Twilight actress has left her hiding spot to hit the gym more than a few times!”

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HollywoodLife quotes a supposed member of Gold’s Gym in Venice, Calif., who alleges they had “seen her there the afternoon of Thursday, August 2,” and Stewart “didn’t look too happy.”

The bad blog even ups the ante, claiming that Stewart wasn’t only there that day, but “numerous” other times since her indiscretion with Rupert Sanders came to light last month.

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“She has been in working out with her own people in very intense workouts…” alleges HollywoodLife’s completely made-up “witness,” who adds that Stewart “talked to nobody except her trainer and left afterwards without showering or going into the locker rooms to change.”

Hold up.

If Stewart — who is photographed by the paparazzi almost every time she goes anywhere in public — was really at a local gym on August 2, why is it first being reported now – with no photo proof, nearly a week later?

Simple — this is YET ANOTHER LIE from HollywoodLife.

Stewart has NOT been “working out” at Gold’s Gym in the last few weeks.

A source close to the star tells Gossip Cop that HollywoodLife’s story is… wait for it… “complete bulls**t.”

Once again, HollywoodLife lives up to its nickname in media circles of “HollywoodLies.”

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