Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Rumors – Separating Fact From Fiction, Part 5


In the weeks since Kristen Stewart admitted to straying from longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson, the rumor mill has been in overdrive — and shows little signs of slowing down.

From wildly exaggerated and sensationalistic stories to flat-out fabricated articles, outlets have continued trying to capitalize on a topic that they seem to know very little about.

Gossip Cop, however, has put accuracy first from the start, choosing to deliver facts instead of fiction.

Here is a recap of the latest we’ve learned from our inside sources:

1. Pattinson’s first TV appearance post-scandal, as reported exclusively by Gossip Cop, will be on “The Daily Show,” where he will discuss his movie Cosmopolis, NOT the situation with Stewart.

2. The story-stealing know-nothings at HollywoodLife then claimed Pattinson’s August 15 appearance on “Good Morning America” would have “no restrictions.” “Everything’s on the table,” said the webloid, whose owner was arrested on Thursday. Not leaving bad enough alone, the site then manufactured a “source” who claimed the actor would open up about his relationship with Stewart. It’s all NOT true. As an insider involved with the promotion of Cosmopolis told Gossip Cop, “Robert was booked a long time ago to talk about Cosmopolis, and working with David Cronenberg — he’s doesn’t talk about his personal life.”

3. HollywoodLife, which has rightfully earned the nickname in media circles of “HollywoodLies,” then fabricated a story about the first public sighting of Stewart since the scandal broke. The fiction writers at the discredited webloid made up a tall tale about Stewart being spotted an an L.A.-area gym “more than a few times.” There was NO evidence. NO photos. NOTHING. It’s NOT true. Did we mention HollywoodLife’s owner was arrested? (Oh yeah, we did.)

4. What is true — as Gossip Cop was the first to report in a worldwide exclusive – is that Stewart dropped out of the upcoming movie Cali.

5. What is NOT true was the RadarOnline story that Stewart was backing out of an upcoming screening of On The Road. The facts-challenged site claimed the movie star was “too embarrassed to appear in public” at the London premiere, where she would have to walk the red carpet alongside her co-star and Pattinson’s friend Tom Sturridge. But as a source close to Stewart confirmed to Gossip Cop, she was NEVER scheduled to attend the event.

6. Then, in one of the most questionable breaches of journalistic ethics, HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife twisted a quote from Rupert Sanders to give the impression that the Snow White and the Huntsman director revealed the “first time he fell in love with Kristen Stewart,” as the site had egregiously misrepresented. Sanders did NOT say anything of the sort — as anyone listening to the accompanying video could easily hear. Generally, for that type of manipulation of quotes, someone would get fired, but apparently working at HollywoodLife is the safest job in journalism because NOTHING done there – no matter how outrageously WRONG or FABRICATED – is cause for dismissal.

7. On the subject on fabricated, Now magazine reported that Stewart was begging Pattinson to meet her on the Isle of Wight for “crisis talks,” where she supposedly hoped he would “realize just how important it is to fight to save their relationship.” The tabloid claimed she wanted him to “meet her there next week to talk” — “next week,” as in the same exact time Pattinson is scheduled to promote Cosmopolis? Regardless, the story is 100 percent NOT TRUE.

8. The Sun claimed this week that Pattinson was “giving some serious thought” to joining the film The Rover so he could go to Australia and “escape the furor surrounding his break-up.” A so-called “source” for the British tab explained that “originally he wasn’t that keen to do it because he didn’t want to leave Kristen but he’s changed his mind and is now negotiating.” As Gossip Cop reported way back in May — MONTHS before the events of the last few weeks – – Pattinson was already signed to do the film. Whoops.

9. The thieving hacks at HollywoodLife, always eager to manufacture more drama into an already difficult situation, took a benign photo of Sanders’ wife Liberty Ross — seen earlier this week without her wedding ring and with the director – and sensationally turned it into a “diss” against Stewart. Claiming Ross wanted to prove Stewart was a “downgrade,” the webloid insisted the model was “flaunting her sexy body to make her cheating husband Rupert Sanders realize he messed up — big time!” Back in reality, Ross was simply photographed walking down an L.A. street. That’s it. There rest — much like so much else on that bad blog — was made up out of whole cloth.

10. Capping off a week of more inaccurate reporting, HollywoodLife used one of its pretend friends to claim Stewart and Pattinson were “engaged” at the time of her indiscretion with Sanders. But as Gossip Cop has reported now for months, Stewart and Pattinson have NEVER been engaged, and most definitely were NOT secretly planning to wed when Stewart hooked up with Sanders.

Maybe it’s time for the tabloids and webloids to engage the services of real reporters, instead of fiction writers.

Regardless, as the media continues to sensationalize and fabricate drama about and between Stewart and Pattinson, Gossip Cop will remain on the beat, separating fact from fiction.

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