John Mayer & Katy Perry Spotted Out Together Again in L.A. (PHOTOS)




Katy Perry and John Mayer hit the town again.


The pair, who were spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont on August 1, were spied again on Saturday night at a party in the Loz Feliz section of L.A. before driving off in Mayer’s car.

Mayer and Perry almost got together in 2009, but a potential relationship was derailed when she met Russell Brand at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Now that her divorce from Brand has been finalized, however, the pop singer has apparently reconnected with Mayer.

So far, their reps have not commented to Gossip Cop about their status.

What do you think about this potential new couple?

Check out PHOTOS of Perry and Mayer Out Again in L.A.!

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