Fox News: Shouldn’t Our Athletes Love America More?

The cable news network is apparently worried that neither the American public nor our Olympic athletes are taking enough pride in our dominance in London. What?

So Fox News decided to weigh in on the Olympics. What angle do you think they took? The fact that the US is currently number one in the medal count, proving that President Obama's "socialist" policies must be failures, because we're beating all the socialist countries? Or maybe they took issue with the fact that Michelle Obama is spending so much time in London. Nope, they went even crazier.


Rough Translation: Sure Gabby Douglas did the United States proud by kicking ass in London, but can you believe she did it in "hot pink"? And sure, Americans are excited about winning medals, but couldn't they be more excited? And honestly, the athletes on the podium are wearing gray tracksuits. Last time I checked, our flag isn't red, gray, and blue!

The bottom line is apparently that we're great. And dammit we should be acting like it. And no, cheering for our Olympians who are dominating competitions isn't enough. No, we need to chant U-S-A all the time. Why aren't you chanting it right now?! CHANT!

H/T Louis Peitzman at Gawker.

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