CLAIM: George Clooney Brought In To Save Brad Pitt’s World War Z

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There’s nothing Star magazine likes more than drama — and if there isn’t any, why not create some?

The tabloid reports, “It’s like World War III on the set of Brad Pitt’s $170 million zombie movie nightmare, World War Z, and now the star is begging his A-list friends — especially his bestie, George Clooney to step in and help out any way they can.”

An “on-set source” claims, “Things are in a dire state, and now the script is being scrapped and completely rewritten,” and an “absolutely desperate” Pitt is supposedly asking Clooney for help “overseeing the new screenplay and is also talking about bringing in his pals Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman for cameos.”

Star alleges that Clooney’s input is shaping World War Z.

According to the mag’s source, Pitt is “treating everything George says as gospel and feeding it straight to the director, Marc Forster,” who’s “taking every single note!”


Here’s what’s true: Pitt and Clooney are friends.

Here’s what’s NOT true: Everything else.

Clooney is not helping to rewrite the movie, nor has he asked Portman, Blanchett or anyone else to come onboard.

A rep for Clooney tells Gossip Cop that Pitt’s purported plea for World War Z help “never happened.”

Much like the movie’s zombies, Star will just keep stumbling around.

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