Bachelor Pad Challenge, Dates Bring New Twists — Plus Surprising New Hookup


Monday’s “Bachelor Pad” kicked off immediately after last week’s elimination, with Chris Harrison telling the contestants to fill out revealing questionnaires about themselves and their fellow competitors.

The answers were used the following day in a mock game show, with the top scorers getting immunity and dates, and the worst scorers getting strikes against them.

Jaclyn won on behalf of the women, while her partner Ed conveniently triumphed during the men’s turn.

Interestingly, Jaclyn could take only one guy on her date — and chose Ed, which came with a big consequence.

During their date at Dodgers Stadium, the pair was shocked when it was revealed Ed lost the right to have his own date when he went with Jaclyn.

Instead, Jaclyn had the responsibility of choosing a different guy to get immunity and a night out with the woman of his choice.

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In the end, Jaclyn chose Chris, as a reward for saving her last week.

That put Chris in an interesting spot, given that he had been playing both Blakely and Jamie.

He ended up blindsiding both women when he chose Sarah to take out on the date.

When Blakely confronted him, Chris admitted he couldn’t promise they will remain partners through the rest of the competition, while Jamie completely bought his excuse that he chose a third party to avoid causing additional drama.

The choice appeared to pay off — as Chris and Sarah got along so well, they ended up getting a HOTEL ROOM to cap off their date.

But in another twist, Chris wasn’t given a rose to award, since he didn’t win the competition.

Instead, Harrison returned to reveal Ed could still give a rose to any woman he wanted to save, and he picked Rachel.

Before the rose ceremony, the usual last-minute play for votes, coupled with the earlier drama between Chris and his women, led to new alliances and manipulations.

So, which competitors were voted off?


Jamie, much to Chris’ shock, as he was conspiring to get rid of Blakely, and newbie David, the last “super fan” remaining, were eliminated.

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