The Top 5 Strip Clubs For The Republican National Convention

Tampa strip clubs are gearing up for a busy stretch during the Republican National Convention. Here (seriously) are the important logistical details for delegates and reporters.

Mons Venus

Mons Venus is owned by Joe Redner, an important figure in local politics and the subject of a documentary titled The Strip Club King of Tampa. The club charges a $20 cover, with dance prices negotiable, and features fully nude women (which means it doesn't serve alcohol). It's something of an institution in the Tampa strip club circuit, and is a mere 12-minute drive from the convention center in good traffic.

The question: can such a big-time maintain the same kind of down-home personal connection that a mom-and-pop-and-rebellious-daughters strip clubs are known for? Some reviewers say yes. (reviews via Yelp):

This place has been consistently great for the past 15 years, except the lack of alcohol. I kept reading about the girl's personalities, wondering what that had to do with anything. They were actually great, personable, and higher class than most places. Shelly and Angel were both incredible. There are a few dancers who are quite literally contortionists. Go here, it's better than any club in Miami or Ft Lauderdale.

But others strongly disagree.

This place is an emotionless lap dance factory. The dancers rarely spend anymore than 2-5 minutes sitting with you before moving on to the next customer if you don't want a dance right away. I felt no emotional connection to any of the dancers (guess this is a good thing but I still like the chat and flirt before dance)

You'll have to decide for yourself (by paying a woman to take her clothes off and rub herself against you and then trying to make conversation).

Distance from convention center:

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