Mischa Barton Slams “Beyond Invasive” Paparazzi, Says Photog Deflated Her Tires

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Mischa Barton has had enough harassment from paparazzi.

The actress took to Twitter to vent about recent treatment by photogs who are going to extreme lengths to snap pictures of her private life.

On Thursday, Barton tweeted, “Thanks a lot to the photographer who decided to let the air out [of our] tires and watch us pump them back up.”

Early Saturday, the “O.C.” star went into greater detail about her experience with overzealous pursuers.

Barton wrote, “Haven’t been so upset about paparazzi pictures online in a long time.”

She continued, “It’s stalking and beyond invasive when you don’t know someone’s there blatantly watching your private moments, it brought me to tears.”

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“It’s not even when I’m in a fabulous outfit or doing something interesting,” explains the actress. “It’s when I’m swimming with my man on a secluded beach.”

Barton says the paparazzi have spoiled her island getaway: “Srry for my rant it’s just u come to a piece of heaven like Formentera and even here I can’t swim in the sea :( very sad face.”

The star then retweeted followers’ message of support.

We’ve seen recently, with Justin Bieber’s highway chase and other instances, just how out of control the paparazzi situation has become.

Hopefully, the more Barton and other celebs reveal about the photographers’ actions and methods, the more pressure there will be for substantive protections.

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