Kate Hudson “Seething With Jealousy” Over Scarlett Johansson’s Career?

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“Ever since Scarlett Johanssons movie The Avengers exploded at the box office — rewarding ScarJo with a $20 million paycheck for the sequel — longtime frenemy Kate Hudson has been seething with jealousy,” begins a piece from Star.

The mag, which claims “Scarlett and Kate’s rivalry began years ago, when they were competing for Justin Timberlake,” goes on to allege that the so-called “feud” has been reignited because “Scarlett’s career has skyrocketed while Kate’s has stalled.”

Therefore, Hudson is supposedly “plotting a jealousy-fueled comeback that she hopes will dethrone ScarJo as the queen of Hollywood.”

What is this, a “Game of Thrones” spinoff?

Anyhow, a purported Hudson “insider” says, “It’s incredibly petty, but she still bitches about Scarlett to this day.”

The source claims, “Every time Kate gets an endorsement deal, she Googles to see Scarlett’s deal so they can compare.”

Now, Hudson is “letting it be known that she’s ready to break out of her mold and become the It Girl in Hollywood again,” adds the alleged insider.

So, what sort of roles is Hudson considering as part of this “jealousy-fueled comeback”?

Star has no idea.

All the mag “knows” is that Hudson supposedly hates Johansson.

Well then.

If this feud sounds just a bit out of left field, that’s because it is.

Hudson and Johansson have NEVER had any sort of rivalry.

Star simply has a new feature in its magazine called “Celebrity Feud of the Week,” meaning, when there’s no actual Hollywood fight to report, they just make up something to fill the page!

A source close to Hudson tells Gossip Cop the tab’s tale is complete and utter b.s.

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